Blog Back in Business.

Sorry readers and fans, but it has been forever since my last blog entry. Unfortunately much of what was at my original site, got lost in the process of switching over here, so in many respects I am starting from scratch.

Either way, whether you love Fantasy and Sci-Fi, Archaeology, Science, UFOs, or other things I write about…welcome back! There is much in the hopper, including my upcoming post about Han Solo possibly using the Force. What?

I also have some upcoming thoughts on UFO Disclosure, a topic I have followed for over 40 years but have remained mostly silent on, and one which seems to be in high gear since 2017.

Later in August or September I hope to put up a teaser chapter or two from my upcoming Sci-Fi novel “Titan”, which has been pushed to December, and am also working on a post for a big announcement regarding my first Julyan Mace action adventure novel, “The Monks of Alexandria”. Hint, it seems like it may beat “Titan” out of the gate.

Finally, as I locate older posts I will put them back up and re-date them to their original posting dates, but until then welcome back. It’s been too long.

And remember…there is more to see in 2020 than ever before. Just look up.