Although I have followed the UFO Phenomenon since 1977, I normally only write fiction. However, following the incredible series of stories and videos that have come out since 2017, a number of my readers, friends, and family have asked me what I think is going on. As a result, I wrote this series of posts hoping to clarify where we have been, where we are now, and where me may be going. I call it…

The Arc of Disclosure.

Part Two: 1977 – 2017 A Slow Resurgence of Interest.

As we entered the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, there seemed to be a new, exciting explosion of data coming out regularly on the UFO subject. Were you interested in crop circles or animal mutilations? Linda Moulton Howe (and others) had you covered. Curious about abductions? How about a first-hand account by novelist Whitley Streiber, or a full compendium of them by Bud Hopkins? Wondering if there will ever be an actual whistle blower? Bob Lazar is your man.

(BTW, with Friedman on this one. Guy’s a proven liar, at least i regards to his education, which seems like a dumb thing to lie about.

Random theory: Lazar worked there, A51/A52, in the security capacity that can be confirmed, and over time, probably due to a cultural similarity highlighted by one scientist who definitely did work there (said you could tell BL was one of us by the way he looked/talked), Bob made some scientist friends, one of whom spilled the beans privately. Whether by mutual plan or nefariously, Lazar appropriated the guy’s story for his own gains and blew the whistle. My $ is on the aforementioned scientist who verified BL was a scientist there too, (can’t remember the guy’s name) maybe to keep Bob from outing him, or all as part of a mutually devised plan. Or maybe he’s a kook. Or the real deal. Or a shape shifting reptile. Okay, enough wacky theories, back to disclosure.)

Soon came reports of a wave of Black Triangles over Belgium, along with some stunning images,  followed by a popular, fictional take on the paranormal subject, the 1993 breakthrough TV series “The X-Files, who’s second episode featured a Black Triangle space craft. A year later Omni Magazine took a deep look into the subject, an issue I read over and over, and before too long mainstream guys like Mike Wallace and Larry King were doing cable specials as well. Colonel Corso and “The Day After Roswell” came on the scene around then too, and more books by Friedman. (Dozens of other researchers were working then too, as they are now, but it is a list too long and prolific to name).

And then the internet came to the masses, and shit got serious.

Setting aside the early days, by the time Windows 95 was out, things like the MJ 12 documents (feel fake, but IDK) and the COMETA report (definitely real), were suddenly being discussed by like-minded individuals around the globe. MUFON was digital, books, articles and papers were now often a click away, and for the first time since the phenomenon began, UFO enthusiasts were ‘not alone’. (Boo!)

Little did I know, that for many reasons not Microsoft related, 1995 would turn out be the beginning of the possible end.

Twenty Five Years of Disclosure

While it wasn’t immediately apparent to me at the time, everything was starting to change in and around 1995.

Dr. Steven Greer was already working behind the scenes to lobby those in democratically elected positions of power to take back their legal domain over what he believed was a deep state, Military Industrial Complex, Black Budget nightmare gone bad. This wasn’t simply the big, bad US government hiding something, but a small cadre of military elites and private military, civilian contractors that had independently decided their authority and discretion should somehow exist outside of the oversight that the US constitution requires.

Years before there was a 2001 National Press Club event, something I still occasionally watch to this day, and even before the (supposedly) failed efforts of Admiral Thomas Wilson to find his own answers following his 1997 briefing on the subject, Dr. Greer was already working to expose that secret, and at the same time help the American citizens reclaim this information and technology from an illegal, hidden few. Shockingly, the self-described country doctor’s efforts may end up doing just that. Who’da thunk.

It is important to note that 1995 was also the same year Bigelow Aerospace founder Robert Bigelow established the National Institute for Discovery Science, or NIDS. A private sector endeavor designed to bringing together various experts and insiders, all in an effort to implement a scientific approach to researching numerous anomalous phenomena, there was little doubt that the UFO question was more or less the primary driving force behind the whole undertaking. And, while members like Jacques Valle and Harold Puthoff would establish themselves firmly in the UFO mythos over the years, it wouldn’t be until this latest rash of UFO articles and documents starting in 2017 that I even remember reading the name of another member of that famed group, one Dr. Eric W. Davis. Turns out, dude may be important, or something.

My point is, that after nearly five decades of official denial and silence, the UFO Disclosure movement was suddenly being propelled by a pair of forces in Greer and Bigelow, along with superstars like Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon, Mercury Astronaut Gordon Cooper, along with the aforementioned Puthoff, Valle and Davis, all leading the charge to bring us to where we are today. I admit that some of Greer’s demonstrative behavior and possible money making schemes give me pause, but there is no doubt that without the 2001 National Press Club event, or even more so, his 1997 meeting with Admiral Tom Wilson, we wouldn’t be here. So, my skepticism over CE-5 aside, if Greer was good enough for Edgar Mitchell, he is good enough for me. Done.

Same goes for Bigelow. In fact, it is amazing how someone like Dr. Davis, who is inextricably linked to both men’s efforts so many years back, finds himself suddenly at the center of the most controversial portion of the current wave. If it wasn’t for Greer (and others) there was no original Wilson meeting, and if it wasn’t for Bigelow’s NIDS, and the briefing document/WD notes found tucked away in the late Edgar Mitchell’s personal files, we may have never had the tangible proof supporting Greer’s story about Admiral Wilson’s response regarding his fruitless efforts to gain access to the related SAP.

(Another side note: I believe Greer, et al, had the initial meeting, I believe Davis met with Wilson in 2002 and provided notes of that meeting to his NIDS crew, including Bigelow and Mitchell, and I think the notes accurately depict what Wilson told Davis. I also think someone in that small group is the person who shared the two pages with Richard Dolan as early as 2006, since he has seemingly implied as much. But more on that in a later post. As to whether the private contractor lied to Wilson or not, I am less sure.)

Still, in many ways the changes taking place in and around 1995 were often behind the scenes. NIDS, Greer, and their critical importance in the field, for me at least, really didn’t to come to light until the Wilson/Davis documents. (I kinda remember surfing the NIDS public website around the time after the 2001 Disclosure event, and thinking it was cool, but nothing more) Heck, even Greer’s crowning achievement, that amazing 2001 event, quickly disappeared beneath the cloud of war. So, although much was happening, for those of us still hoping for a landmark event, 1995 to 2017, while undoubtedly filled with a ton more cool, amazing stuff, also featured way, way too much of the same. In 2020 parlance, drip, drip, drip.

A note on the online UFO community engaging the Phenomenon.

Although I have been following this topic for decades, the last few years have seen an explosion of talented, dedicated, well intentioned folks covering the topic on a daily basis. I am sure there are many, many more podcasters, bloggers, reporters, researchers and content creators in this field that I have yet to learn about, but for now I would highly recommend the following.


That UFO Podcast, Somewhere in the Skies Podcast, The UFO Chronicles Podcast, TTSA Talks Podcast, Omni Talk Radio.

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