Although I have followed the UFO Phenomenon since 1977, I normally only write fiction. However, following the incredible series of stories and videos that have come out since 2017, a number of my readers, friends, and family have asked me what I think is going on. As a result, I wrote this series of posts hoping to clarify where we have been, where we are now, and where me may be going. I call it…

The Arc of Disclosure.

Part Four: The Conclusion. Or How This 4 Year Wave of Disclosure (probably) Ends.

I see four scenarios that could play out, and I list them from least likely to most, in my opinion of course.

Scenario ONE: Unlikely

TTSA, Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo (and others) succeed in their lobbying efforts, and Congress takes hold. Open, public hearings are held, NDA’s and clearances are waived, and insiders are finally allowed to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. Admiral Wilson rats out the contractors, and they spill the beans. Whether we have craft or not, the secrecy ends there, and the duly elected representatives of the people put the subject under their (and by extension, our) rightful supervision.

Ah, the dream lives.

Unfortunately, I think the reality of politics in a perennially tight election environment, including a highly divided nation, simply make the risks too great. With some notable exceptions, professional politicians are not normally heralded for their bravery. (Of course, if senators and representatives had term limits this might be different. But hey, like I said, a guy can dream.)

Scenario TWO: Also unlikely

A slight alternative to the above version may occur if some of the actual, verifiable industry insiders blow the whistle, while also offering incontrovertible evidence of a coverup/illegal cadre, effectively forcing the above hearings to happen. I’m guessing it would probably take more than one whistle blower, and definitely some good, hard data, but it could happen that way. A bigot list of 400-800 people offers a decent candidate pool, and that’s probably just in one of four SAPs. It would also help if the whistle blower doesn’t lie about where they went to college. (Okay, low blow. I apologize BL. But still, WTF?)

Unfortunately, if there is someone, or multiple someone’s at the SAPOC level above Admiral Wilson, and he, she or they are in collusion with a private contractor or contractors operating outside of congressional and/or presidential oversight, and god forbid some possible deaths may have even resulted, the conspirators involved, even those just at an engineering level, may simply be too frightened to take the risk. Deathbed confessions are possible, but they also put families left behind at risk, so the hopes of any of those blowing things open seem thin at best.

Either way, this scenario also seems unlikely. I would never be happier to be wrong.

Scenario THREE: Were we may, possibly be headed. Semi-likely

The emerging, informed 21st century reality of the Phenomenon is still too unreal for the average 2oth century human.

I am preparing a future post on this topic, but in short, the “big tent” of abductions, crop circles, animal mutilations, time travelers, dimensional travelers, paranormal phenomena, (Skinwalker Ranch, for example) and many others, even if each and every one were proven 100% true, may just move the bar of disclosure too far for the run of the mill, everyday ma and pa materialist to get on board.

In my observation it took over 70 years, and a steady, twenty-plus year chain of discoveries of thousands of confirmed extra-solar planets, along with our own technological leaps during that time, simply to get most people comfortable with the basic idea of life on some of those other planets, much less advanced entities who had broken the constraints of light speed to come here and visit, or recon, or kidnap people, or just crash.

For better or worse (probably the latter), I believe most in my age group or older (Gen X, Boomers, Silent Gen) simply aren’t ready to move from the already controversial, if not increasingly more likely, explanation of three dimensional, manufactured space craft from other planetary worlds, to one that consists of parts, or all, of the above phenomena, not to mention increasingly likely concepts like ships manifested out of consciousness.

Nonetheless, let me state for the record, that any and all of these areas of inquiry may prove to be true, and are definitely worth serious study, but if the totally unexpected comments by former Senator Harry Reid, a major player in all of this, regarding “little green men” are any indication, along with the exceedingly careful approach by Mellon, Elizondo and company to stay focused on a material, real-world, airborne threat regardless of the origin, it still seems that even the mere hint of the ET hypothesis is hitting many a brick wall in the halls of congress.

Let’s face it, if reports of some old-timey senators comparing the mere idea of UAP research to some sort of devil’s work are true, I can only imagine their response to vehicles and creatures who live right next to us but in an alternate dimension. Or come from the future. Or are ghosts. Or robots. Or all four. Or demons. (Maybe they would buy that last one, actually.)

True or not, right or not, in my opinion at least, this may create a bridge too far to cross in the near future, and the efforts of the guys at TTSA, the New York Times, Filmmakers like James Fox, and everyone else hammering away in the twitter/youtube/blogosphere (see my note at the end of the post) may reveal a truth that is simply too much for the average person born before 1980 to take.

Again, let me be clear. I am not saying these are verboten areas of inquiry, or wrong, or anything along those lines. They need to be researched. But if the goal is to get crochity-old-man lawmakers to look at the specific UFO phenomenon and come to an ‘off-world’ conclusion all on their own, just like Lue, Chris, and countless other military (and civilian) investigators who have looked into the subject since the late 1940s seem to have, it may become an insurmountable problem.

Plus, although much of Leslie Kean’s and Ralph Blumenthal’s frustrations were clearly focused on the heated anticipation of their articles making it harder to research as well as meet expectations, I also think at least some of their complaints may have been rooted in this area as well, at least as far as getting more mainstream folks to talk about the subject on the record, especially older folks, without being connected to the fringe, even if that is where the truth may ultimately lie. Unfortunately, the higher up you go on the current age ladder, the more things like that matter.

Getting people used to a material, E.T.-in-a-ship explanation seems hard enough, but if the truth is much more complicated or esoteric (which is the way things seem to be trending), we may need another generation or two before we have enough of the general public able to get behind that incredible but real explanation.

(As noted, I am almost done writing a much longer post on this subject, including my enthusiasm for things like RV, healing, and consciousness research, and I expect to have it up in a week or two.)

Scenario FOUR: Most likely

Two days before I finished writing the first draft of this epic post, my favorite topic writer, podcaster and UFO historian, and someone who co-wrote the definitive book on this exact part of the subject, “A.D. After Disclosure”, Richard Dolan, said this.

“I do think we are potentially — and very possibly — looking at a scenario in which the process more or less stops where we currently are. That is, an acknowledgement of the reality of UFOs and maybe possession of an artifact or two, but that may well be all we get for a long time. And if that is so, you could actually see the coverup continuing for a much longer time, even with an open acknowledgement that some UFOs are from another civilization. 

I read that trio of sentences four times before letting out a long, heavy sigh. It was the exact same conclusion to this whole, multi part post that I had been rounding on myself for over two weeks. But, when I saw RD say it, in print, I knew it was the most likely scenario going forward. Then I sighed again.


Fortunately, in a technical way at least, I think the shape this takes will be interesting.

First, I think that a tiny, select committee composed of senior members of congress, and maybe the president as well, could put enough pressure on the right people in the right positions (William Miller more than once answered questions by Joe Murgia,, about just such people, repeating “Senior Civil Service Employees”), including those above someone like Admiral Wilson at SAPOC, whether military or civilian, that the fear of legal retribution finally forces a very secret, ultra-selective disclosure.

From that point going forward, research on EBE bodies, technology, crashes, or anything of the sort (if they indeed are in our possession) remain ultra-compartmentalized, but with a dash of selective congressional/presidential oversight just to keep it all legal. In effect, the colluding insiders react to this current wave of pressure by sharing with, then silencing, key congress members, (and maybe POTUS too) just to be compliant/legal. And, of course, the bulk of the public silence continues for the foreseeable future.

Third sigh.

Sadly, this scenario makes too much sense. If we do have ships, or even parts of ships, the advantages in such a militarized world may be too great to share. How would we feel if North Korea or Iran had an anti-gravity drive and could drop a bomb on our heads at the speed of light? Yeah, makes me a little nervous too.

For better or worse, and at the cost of trillions of wasted dollars in energy, money and time on the continued use and development of outdated technologies for transportation, space travel, and energy, and a gazillion other things too, ($150 billion and counting for the ISS, projected $62 Billion for ITER) it is a secret they will probably still keep to a very small group, even if there is some limited disclosure at the top.

At least for now.

I mean, sure, is it our fundamental right as a species to have full disclosure of this knowledge? Yes, I think so.

Would it change everything, including world economies, technology, religion, power balances, and just about everything else? Yes, probably so.

So, even if it is wrong to do, and even if it pisses me off personally because “damn it, I want to know, and it is my right!”, I think the powers currently controlling this knowledge, should they find a way to come into minimal legal compliance while still more or less keeping the key tech secrets closely held, that is exactly what they will do.

The planet may be in dire straits, and disclosure is without a doubt the right thing to do for too many reasons to list, but the next time the country sitting at the top of the human power pyramid willingly hands over their biggest ace in the whole for the good of the species, it will, in my opinion, be the first.

Can we do anything?

If you’re reading, researching, listening and reacting, you’re already doing it. (I mention various websites, podcasts, YouTube channels and about 60 Twitter accounts I would follow at the end of each part of this 4 part post, so track down to the end if you want to know who I follow) So my advice is, keep talking, and spread the word. Keep asking questions. Did I mention spread the word? And follow the skeptics too. The only way to the truth is for everything to add up, even if it feels like they sometimes just want to kill the fun.

My middle school history teacher once said, “In 100 years everyone will know the truth about what is happening today, only you and I won’t be there to see it.”

She also said, “People rarely change their minds. Old people with old ideas pass away, and new people open to new ones are born.”

Lady was smart.

So, when young, open minds come to the internet looking for the ‘Truth about UFOs” the best thing they can find is a group of motivated, fact searching, like minded adults who are approaching this subject just like any other worthy of scientific and intellectual inquiry. These young people read your posts, look at your tweets, and share the knowledge with their friends. I know that for a fact, cause I got nieces in college and high school, and all them mf’ers do it stare at their dang phones. (Get off my lawn!)

In just my short lifetime, I have watched my teacher’s two predictions repeatedly come true. Many mysteries from the past did ultimately get solved, and now more than ever a wave of people who grew up after that first “In Search Of” UFO special, have entered the discussion with curious, open minds.

Fill them with the truth, like you are already doing now, and good things will come from it.

For my money, there’s never been a brighter, more exciting time in this field, and even if my teacher was right, and many of us don’t live to see it all the way through, much like the pioneering efforts of Stanton Friedman, my UFO hero, the work you folks are doing will most likely lead to a fully-informed, post disclosure future.

Which, finally, leads me to the last thing I would suggest.

The community somehow needs to find a way to honor the next wave of UFO researchers, many of whom also look like they may not live to see the full truth revealed. I suggest naming this the “Stanton Friedman” award, and use it to honor the first four recipients all at once. And since, as far as I know, this is my idea, I hereby nominate Harry Reid, Jacques Valle, Harold Puthoff, and Dr. Eric Davis as that four members of that premier group.

(Folks like Bigelow, Greer, Dolan, Keane, Blumenthal, as well as dozens of others I’m too lazy to name seem like locks as future recipients of this award as well, not to mention posthumous awards for people like Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper, J. Allen Hyneck, and the man who wrote my first, favorite book on the subject, Edward J Ruppelt. And many, many more.)

For now, keep podcasting, keep blogging, keep reporting, keep asking questions and keep sharing the facts. And keep your hopes up that one day, the truth may once again belong to the people, even if, like the first team to work on the pyramids of Giza, you are not there to see it.

And come back in a week or so, when I will release my newest blog post on the Phenomena “How the President of the United States could single-handedly force Disclosure.”

That’s all.

(Special thanks to Danny Silva and Joe Murgia, who’s web sites, which are listed below, I read a thousand times in researching this 4 part post. You guys rock.)

A final note on the online UFO community who are engaging the Phenomenon.

Although I have been following this topic for decades, the last few years have seen an explosion of talented, dedicated, well intentioned folks covering the topic on a daily basis. I am sure there are many, many more podcasters, bloggers, reporters, researchers and content creators in this field that I have yet to learn about, but for now I would highly recommend the following.


That UFO Podcast, Somewhere in the Skies Podcast, The UFO Chronicles Podcast, TTSA Talks Podcast, Omni Talk Radio.

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Project Unity, Engaging the Phenomenon, Post Disclosure World, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, The Undead Gaucho, Its Redacted, Richard Dolan.

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Wow, what an ending. My head hurts.

Hope you liked all 4 parts of my series. It was fun to write.

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