One possible reason for the increasing pace of UFO disclosure.

Around half a million years ago, when the first anatomically modern human looked up at the stars, and running right up until April 12, 1961, our species had never launched someone into space. Then Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made the first leap, and humanity has never looked back.

During the six decades since that day, humanity has launched numerous manned missions outside our atmosphere, some all of the way to the moon. However, aside from a scant few like billionaire Dennis Tito or school teacher Christa McAuliffe, pretty much all have been government employees, former military and/or highly qualified scientists.

As such, basically every woman and man who has had the opportunity to travel into space has also operated under security oaths and non-disclosure agreements. Although ostensibly related to any classified human tech they may observe, and rightfully so, rumors persist that there is another reason for this secrecy, maybe the main reason.

Aside: Cool video on the It’s (redacted) YouTube Channel covering more on NASA and UFOs.

Whatever the case, even these security oaths and agreements haven’t kept a few spacefaring humans from speaking out about odd encounters during their missions, encounters that often remained unexplained. For instance, if the statements like the one of former US Army radar specialist Harland Bentley are to be believed, many missions that included American astronauts, from Mercury and Gemini to Apollo and the Space Shuttle, have had such encounters. He’s not the only whistle blower, either. Actual astronauts, from Mercury’s Gordon Cooper to Apollo’s Edgar Mitchell, have given statements about things (possibly) seen during missions, either by them or their fellow astronauts that seem to defy conventional explanation.

However now, as technology has advanced and the era of private space flight is finally upon us, the type of human that will be entering space is completely different. Not only will these private citizen astronauts be just that, private, and therefore unchained by the laws and oaths typically taken by those in the military or NASA, they will also be rich. In fact, they’ll mostly be filthy rich, wealthy even, which is like rich times a million. This will undoubtedly change things.

In my very limited experience with wealthy people, they live by their own rules, and in many cases are the ones making those rules. So, when this type of person shoots into space aboard a Virgin Galactic Spaceship, a Space-X Starship, or even a Blue Origin whatevertheycallit, (apologies Admiral Sheppard) they will be free to report what they see. And report it they will.

If non-human, sentient beings have been observing us for as long as it appears, likely millennia, and are particularly interested in our first forays into space, then it seems inevitable that at least one of these private citizen astronauts will see them, probably more than one. Once this happens, it will change everything.

I mean, do you really think someone like Jeff Bezos, Sir Richard Branson, or noted UFO skeptic Elon Musk himself will hesitate to talk about any flying saucers that decide to buzz their ship? How about Tom Cruise or Taylor Swift? No, me either. (Ok, I’m not sure about TC, who’s reportedly going to the International Space Station, but who is?)

Therefore, is ask, as we finally enter the commercial space age, an era will thousands of “ordinary” (albeit rich as hell), citizens will venture outside of our atmosphere, could this pending revolution in space travel be the reason for accelerated UFO disclosure?

Time will tell, but if the seemingly increasing pace we have seen since 2017 is any indication, there is a new urgency that I haven’t witnessed in my over 40 years following the phenomenon.

Sure, it may simply be that new, better-connected, more-energized people are taking up the disclosure fight, people who have seemingly made great strides in the last 4 years, but I can’t help thinking that the pending launches of the first private missions (as soon as next year) may simply mean that those who have held on to this secret for way too long know that their time is simply running out.

Shoot, once Mathew McConaughey goes into space, dude will never stop talking about what he saw.

In the end, I can’t guarantee one of these rich folks will bring home a cool, clear video of a ‘non-human’ ship any time soon, but I sure as hell wouldn’t bet against it.

Pulled a lot of neat stuff for this post from the ‘It’s (redacted) YouTube Channel’ and the ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon’ YouTube Channel. Thanks for the vids, folks.

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