Dear fans,

I wanted to take a page to address my book cover artist (and overall graphic artist) Rio De Janiero, and all of the incredible visuals she has created on my behalf.

Before I start, her web site is

Anyhow, since the day I announced the release of my first novel “Whispers of Fate” back in 2015, the most common response from friends, family and fans has been “wow the cover looks awesome.” Of course those who actually read the books went on to compliment my writing as well, but to a person the cover art, character images, and all of the web site graphic art Rio has made have received consistent praise.

This is no accident.

Following the advice of numerous industry leading self-publishing guru’s, I knew that the cover of a book will often make or break an otherwise well written and well-crafted text. This is even more pronounced in genre fiction (and fantasy even more so), where the cover is critical in helping the author draw the reader into the world he or she has created even before a single word of prose is read.

Fortunately for me the extensive research and time I put into finding the right person has paid off in spades. Not only did I find an artist with a great eye who has designed me three striking book covers already, but a passionate, dedicated perfectionist who meticulously created all of the beautiful pieces you see on this web site, the ads I use to promote my books, the world map and associated wallpaper, and more recently the impressive video at the bottom of this page.

I cannot count the hundreds of hours Rio has put in over the last three years scouring free or cheap artwork from other aspiring artists and blending them into the impressive visuals you see before you.

So, while I definitely give the due credit to the following artists:

Faestock – faestock/

Jane Eden’s Big Cats –

Elena Dudina –
fotojenny –

whose great looking stock material were the building blocks, I am confident that you as a fan would not be on my web page reading this now if you hadn’t been drawn in by the potent visuals of my book covers and ads that Rio has put together.

In short, if you are a fellow writer who is looking for a great cover artist who will work with you on every single detail I cannot recommend her more, and if you are simply a fan of her impressive work feel free to contact Rio and let her know how these beautiful images have touched you the way they have touched me.

Thanks you so much Rio, you are irreplaceable, and I hope to make a hundred more book covers with you in the future.