Of Bonds and Betrayals: Book Two of the Heirloom Ores

Taking place one year after the events of Whispers of Fate, Of Bonds and Betrayals continues the epic fantasy saga of The Heirloom Ores.

Following the assassination of the Prime Senator by his only son Proskydis, with the arrogant man’s failed coup of the Mainland government resulting in his own demise as well, a ruthless and unexpected new Prime Senator is ruling with an iron fist. Although Allyra survived the attacks, and even begun to master the Ore’s power, her father is dead, and she fears he mother may be gone as well.

Guided by vivid dreams, and joined by Father Ben Olin, a young and curious Orepriest in training, Allyra travels in secret to a small fishing village in the south. After learning more about the simple people living there, she finds new clues to her true purpose, while also experiencing feelings toward Ben that she never expected.

Having recovered from his near death in the Wind Caves, the Shepherd returns to his childhood home of the Cobra Islands, and to his supposedly faithful followers. Confronted by his bloody past, and suddenly drained of his faith and purpose, he is branded a traitor and left for dead to rot in the Great Serpent’s desert.

After a year in hiding, Captain Mathias and his partner Hiko finally return to their home in the Northern Islands, and while their friendship nearly breaks under the pressures of their complicated past, the Captain uncovers a conspiracy between the new Prime Senator and the Trade Union snake, Balius Feltesh, involving the construction of a massive, unstoppable weapon. Soon this incredible killing machine, and the entire Mainland fleet, come face to face with Allyra’s increasing power, setting the stage for an epic, full scale battle across the land, air, and sea.

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